Responsible Mining

Better business through responsible mining

Responsible mining means respect for human rights, safe conditions for personnel and surrounding communities, and avoiding or minimising environmental impacts. 

In its optimal form, responsible mining aims for a net positive impact on sustainable development and to leave positive legacies through the development of shared value across implicated stakeholders (business, government, communities).

Guidelines for miner safety, Mongolia. Photo credit: Estelle Levin-Nally

We advise mining companies, governments, and conservation NGOs in their engagement with artisanal and small-scale miners by utilising in-depth, forward-thinking knowledge of local, regional and international operating environments.

Dr. Yolande Kyngdon-McKay, second from right, meeting miners Inke and Bayanmar, along with Jennifer Horning (far left).

Our services and tools for Responsible Mining

Catalyze and mainstream

We introduce better practices and drive performance

  • Strategic and technical assistance for responsible mining, processing and marketing.
  • Training and capacity building for better business and civil society.
  • Standards, certifications and assurance systems.
  • Evaluations and audits (Second Party) for investors and mineral buyers.


We reduce liabilities and protect assets

  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, liability management, mitigation planning.
  • ASM management and ASM-LSM relations, through due diligence, stakeholder engagement and management.
  • Labour rights management systems, grievance and remediation mechanisms.
  • Risk management, including: a) Environmentally friendly minerals extraction, processing and closure, including frugal rehabilitation; b) Managing resource nationalism; c) Social and Environmental Impact Assessment & Mitigation (SEIA); and d) Protecting and respecting human rights.


We help you deliver positive impact

  • Responsible mining sector finance and impact investment.
  • Sustainable outcomes opportunity assessment and maximisation.
  • Integrated economic planning.
  • Enabling actors to mitigate their impacts on the environment.
  • Community engagement and development.


We assist with your corporate and public affairs

  • Communications and reporting.
  • Due diligence for acquisitions and mergers.
  • Stakeholder engagement.

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