Responsible Sourcing

Better business through responsible sourcing

We build value with our clients by helping them achieve compliance, manage risks, protect their brands and assets and implement lasting, sustainable practices in their operations and across their supply chains.

When armed with supply chain intelligence, our clients are best positioned to make the right commitments, counter external scrutiny, and demonstrate their dedication to responsible practices. 

We work with vanguard companies seeking to change the game and drive the responsible sourcing agenda, as well as with large-scale companies and SMEs looking to do business more responsibly. We are especially committed to supporting SMEs to move along the Better Business Pathway, meaning to be compliant, profitable and sustainable.

We design and deploy responsible sourcing strategies and tools, including those found in our Levin Sources Due Diligence Hub.

Driving to the mine site, Mongolia. Photo credit: Magnus Arrevad

Our services and tools for Responsible Sourcing include:

Managing your own risks

We build risk management systems

  • Applied supply chain research, including scoping and feasibility studies.
  • Management processes for sourcing minerals and raw materials.
  • Due diligence system development, harmonisation and optimisation.
  • Issue and mineral materiality assessment for strategy development.

Origin sustainability and impact

Knowing and influencing at source

  • Applied sector research.
  • Strategic assessments, including political risk, for liability management and impact at origin.
  • Sustainability assessment of procurement inventories.
  • Sector impact management.

Supply chain management

We help with supplier responsibility

  • Supplier engagement and capacity building.
  • Training of supplier to improve their due diligence systems and become audit-ready.
  • Risk assessment, investigation, mitigation, remediation and corrective action planning.
  • Accompanying support on mitigation and remediation of child labour, forced labour, and environmental risks.
  • Transparency and accountability mechanisms.
  • Traceability and certification systems.


We assist with your corporate and public affairs

  • Impact communications and reporting.
  • Crisis communications.
  • Internal and external communications strategy and implementation.
  • Introducing companies to advisors and partners to fill capacity and expertise gaps.

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