Government of Ethiopia Ministry of Mines, Petroleum, and Natural Gas (MOMPNG): Gemstones Technical Training Manual

Government of Ethiopia Ministry of Mines, Petroleum, and Natural Gas (MOMPNG): Gemstones Technical Training Manual


Client: Government of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mines, Petroleum, and Natural Gas (MOMPNG)

Author(s): Dr. Jennifer Hinton, with contributions from Dr. John Tyschen, Yimegnushal Takele, Andualem Taye, and Adam Rolfe

Levin Sources and Sudca Development Consultants (Sudca) developed this training manual for the JSDF Project and the Government of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mines, Petroleum, and Natural Gas (MOMPNG). It was financed by the World Bank-administered JSDF grant for support to improve the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of artisanal miners, with a particular emphasis on empowerment of women.

The publication of this manual is the product of an extensive participatory research and practical training process, which ran from April to November 2016. An initial needs assessment visit (April – May) focussed on the physical infrastructure of lapridary centres in Kambolcha and on lapidary skills of women in Delanta and Wadlain in the Amhara region. This informed the design of draft training materials that were used to deliver a training to cooperatives / Women’s Economic Strengthening Groups and relevant government personnel (June). Feedback from the participants and the client was incorporated into the training material and subsequent design of the training manual.

The manual prioritises: 

• Adult learning techniques that maximise participation and learning-by-doing; and 

• A Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (K-S-A) approach to build capacity in technical content while empowering participants by increasing their Knowledge and Skills to create gender-responsive trainers with the attitudes necessary to support future actions.

The manual is intended for use by a variety of audiences to guide and supplement their work, whether directly or indirectly related to artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM). A non-exhaustive list of the potential users is as follows: 

• The ASM Department of the MoMPNG 

• MoMPNG Directorates working closely with the ASM, Environment & Community Development, Gender, Artisanal Mining Production and Marketing, Public Relations and Communications Directorates 

• Regional Mining Bureaus 

• Local Woreda and Kabele Officers (Gender, Mining, Environment) 

• Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Cooperatives / Women’s Economic Strengthening Groups 

• Artisanal and Small-scale Communities

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