Integrity and Due Diligence

Integrity and Due Diligence

Integrating better business into raw materials supply chains means driving positive economic impacts for stakeholders in the chain.

Fraud, corruption, bribery and smuggling are common supply chain challenges that upset the balance of power, benefitting a few while putting many more at risk.

Supply chains with integrity issues are not sustainable.

Emerald dealers in Campo Formoso, Brazil. Photo credit: Estelle Levin-Nally

We empower public and private sector clients to perform rigorous supply chain due diligence as, or before, issues related to integrity begin to manifest.

We specialise in strategies for integrity risk assessment, mitigation and remediation. Our team of due diligence exports provides a comprehensive service, including:

  • Applied supply chain and sector research, including scoping and feasibility studies
  • Strategic assessments, including political risk assessments, for liability management and impact at origin
  • Sustainability assessments of procurement inventories
  • Preparing for audit
  • Recommendations for corrective actions and due diligence process improvements
  • Training staff in the requirements and methods for the performance of supply chain due diligence
  • Context-specific recommendations on the expected, relevant and achievable certifications and standards

The GIFF Project

We are co-founders of The GIFF Project: an initiative dedicated to identifying and addressing illicit financial flows (IFFs) in international gold supply chains. This project, developed in collaboration with the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, and informed ‘Follow the Money: A handbook for identifying financial flows linked to Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM)’.

‘Follow the Money: A handbook for identifying financial flows linked to Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASGM)’ provides practical tools, techniques, methodologies and pointers for enhanced due diligence. The toolkit has been piloted in Mongolia, The Philippines, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

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