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Impact & Innovation

Mobilising knowledge and networks for positive impacts

We seek to drive positive impacts for all involved in the mineral sector. This is an ethos that informs everything we do.

Developing solutions to complex social challenges requires creativity and pragmatism. Utilising our broad global network, we support and incubate initiatives and social venture start-ups dedicated to tackling global challenges in the raw materials sector, including artisanal and small-scale mining.

Estelle Levin-Nally and Patience Singo exploring Mongolia's sustainable artisanal mining. Photo credit: Magnus Arrevad

Our Impact & Innovation work relies on cooperation with other pioneers. We actively seek out new opportunities to leverage our knowledge for impact with, or through, others (and vice versa).

Our services and tools for Impact & Innovation include:

  • Making hidden issues visible to empower stakeholders to take action.
  • Pioneering new approaches to intractable problems.
  • Mainstreaming others' successes from project to planet.
  • Sustainability advisory, we think outside of the box to invent, catalyze and mainstream solutions to maximise social value out of natural resources opportunities.
  • Mentoring influencers and game-changers to maximise their potential.
  • Standards and certifications, we drive industry best practice by helping set standards as part of multi-stakeholder sustainability initiatives.
  • Cross-sectoral exchange that enlightens and motivates actors on their role in making the system more sustainable.
  • Alliance match-making to build public-private partnerships (PPP) and facilitate investment in meaningful change.
  • Knowledge management, acting as a hub of tools, publications and information relevant to actors.

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