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Audit for Small and Medium Scale Mining Companies

Audit for Small and Medium Scale Mining Companies

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Supporting responsible sourcing through dedicated improvement plans

Due diligence demands on mining companies are on the rise, both from official bodies and clients wanting to ensure that their gemstones and minerals are responsibly sourced.

Introducing the Audit Service for Small and Medium Scale Mining Companies: a constructive, compliant and comprehensive offering from Levin Sources.

At Levin Sources, we approach auditing as more than a certification or contract requirement: it’s a way to future-proof mining companies. As well as providing businesses with the assessments required to comply with industry and international standards, our service helps companies identify gaps and areas of improvement in their due diligence and risk management processes.

Drawing from over 10 years supporting mining companies to comply with rigorous due diligence requirements, we have developed an independent, systematic and documented methodology that provides small and medium scale mining companies with a clear understanding of their strengths and areas in need of improvement.

We also provide a focused action plan to make sure the review represents an asset to the company, its development and its client relationships.

By the time the service is delivered, businesses will have gained in-depth and actionable knowledge of ways to improve responsible practices, they will be better prepared for third party audits and equipped to gain competitive advantage.

Who this service is for:

  • Mining companies that want to comply with specific standards
  • Refiners or downstream companies that want to encourage the mining companies in their supply chains to improve their processes and procedures
CASE STUDY: learn about how Thaisarco is doing this already

What this service includes:

  1. Preparation phase and introduction to auditing and standards: Our experts ensure the relevant teams understand what the audit is about and how it can strengthen the company’s processes and procedures.
  2. Assessment: Up to two-days on-site assessment, including site observation, workers interviews, management interviews and community interviews, when relevant.
  3. Full audit report: All our findings, explained in a clear and straightforward way, based on previously agreed standards.
  4. Summary audit report with corrective action plan: A practical document laying out pragmatic corrective actions to improve internal processes.
  5. Follow up on corrective action plan within six months to 1 year: A unique way to help business ensure they get the best possible ROI on the auditing service.

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