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Audits & Compliance

Audits & Compliance

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We help companies navigate the broad range of standards and mandatory legal requirements to make sure they are compliant or on a journey towards compliance. We do this through high level and in-depth gap assessment, training and audits.


Building on years of experience in the drafting and benchmarking of certifications and standards, Levin Sources has developed a robust knowledge of voluntary regulatory frameworks within the raw materials industry. We are contracted both by industry associations and standard setters to improve their systems, and by standards users who wish to align with existing or anticipated standards.

We help clients to decide which standard(s) are right for them, to build cross-departmental buy-in, and then to align with standards through gap assessment and corrective action planning, either in preparation for audit or for process improvement purposes. We can backstop to support implementation of corrective actions where capacity is low.


First party audits (internal audits)

Our internal audits improve the efficiency of our clients’ processes and procedures in response to regulatory or market demands. We bring a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and then improve the organisation’s governance, risk management and control process. We design the methodology for the assessment based on the company’s (and its customers’) relevant international and industry standards. Such a process leaves companies with a clear understanding of improvement areas and potential corrective actions which are presented in the form of an audit report which clients can share with interested stakeholders, such as their customers to prove due diligence efforts and social compliance.

For these audits, we comply with the IIA Code of Ethics.

Second party audits (supplier audits)

We support clients who want to assess their suppliers’ performance based on international social and environmental standards. Through this audit, clients gain a better understanding of risks among their supply chain and become able to manage those identified. Similar to the internal audit, after the completion of the assessment, a report highlighting gaps and corrective actions is prepared and shared both with the supplier and the client.


Project 1: Bringing CORE standard to market

Levin Sources is providing support to Solidaridad in identifying the next steps to bring the CORE standard on industrial minerals to the market. They provide a sounding board to discuss next steps, give specialist advice and guidance and assist with workshop organisation.

Project 2: Mining standard assessment

Levin Sources was contracted by a standard association to perform an assessment on whether the Regional Certification Mechanism (RCM) of the International Conference on the Great Lakes (ICGLR) was compatible with the their formal recognition of other mining standards as equivalent certification to its own Chain-of-Custody (CoC) standard.

Project 3: Internal audits for a tin smelter supplier

Levin Sources is conducting internal audits on mining companies that supply a leading tin smelter. The goal is to help those companies gap assess and improve their processes and procedures in response to regulatory or market demands. Our internal audits give companies a clear understanding of improvement areas and potential corrective actions.

Our global team working on our assurance services:

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