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Digital training | Environmental policy

Digital training | Environmental policy

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How to write an effective environmental policy and set your company up for action

As business and civil society enter the post-COVID-19 world, calls for responsible business conduct, particularly for specific environmental policies, are increasing. To support the minerals and mining sector through the transition, we have designed a unique training session that draws on our 10+ years’ experience successfully assisting clients to build sustainable futures.

Perfect for you if

You’re a small business, NGO or public agency eager to learn how to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact and write a relevant environmental policy which can be fully rolled out. The session is specifically designed for environmental or sustainability champions.

What to expect during the session

Taking place on Zoom over two to four hours, the training will include both a comprehensive presentation delivering concrete information on how to write an environmental policy and monitor impacts, and an interactive session divided into:

  • Information sharing: participants will share the steps they have taken so far and the challenges they have encountered in going further. They will work in small groups and discuss actions that worked and failed in their own experience. Groups will then present in a plenary session so that participants can define a roadmap to overcome barriers.
  • Draft a plan: participants will be provided with a concise step-by-step guidance document to gather information on the tools and actions they need to assess their environmental impact, draft a policy and reduce their environmental impacts. The trainer will share the guidance and encourage participants to suggest ways they can benefit from it based on their own experience.

Afterwards, participants will receive a full set of slides from the session. We will also set up a virtual community of practice where information, tips and success stories can be shared, which you can join to take the training further.

You can also book a follow-up session.

When will it take place?

We will run two English-language sessions in June:

  • Tuesday 9 June 10am to 1pm BST
  • Thursday 11 June 3pm to 6pm BST

Meet the trainer

Blanca Racionero Gomez is an expert in projects related to mining and the environment. She has first-hand experience of writing Levin Sources’ environmental policy. Blanca has also worked to understand the impact of mining on forested areas and developed a forest-smart mining concept.


  • £150 exclusive of VAT* for the first registration from your company
  • £100 exclusive of VAT* for any additional registrations. This preferential rate also applies if participants attend different sessions.
  • Additional dedicated 90 min-long virtual personal support session available for £100*

* VAT will be added at 20 % for all UK companies & individuals and for European companies and individuals without a VAT number. No VAT is added for the rest of the world.


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