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Due Diligence & Risk management

Due Diligence & Risk management

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We generate the intelligence our clients need to make informed and defensible decisions in responsible business conduct and achieve their strategic objectives in responsible mining and sourcing.

We support companies all along mineral supply chains to control risks and maximise sustainability outcomes in their own operations and supply chain relationships. We provide an independent review of clients’ and business partners’ governance and risk control processes, applying our expertise in sustainability, human rights and integrity to improve the management of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) risks. Under our team’s guidance, our clients can make informed and better decisions to make responsible business conduct a reality.

Whether you are seeking to control risks for compliance or liability reasons, or because your market or regulator is demanding formalisation of your processes, we can help.

What we offer:

Risk Management

We help clients achieve their strategic objectives by understanding environment, social and governance risks so that management can make informed decisions, while also ensuring that risks and opportunities remain firmly in view. We help set clear strategies and effective processes that help identify, assess, respond and monitor risks to ultimately maintain alignment with strategic objectives and ensure the effectiveness of the risk identification and response.

Due Diligence Services

We help clients develop solid processes and procedures which ensure supply chain due diligence, including material tracking and traceability, can be implemented effectively as part of everyday risk management. Our solutions allow our clients to be confident that incidents are less likely to arise but, if they do, they know how to handle them legally and cost-effectively and how to communicate appropriately to internal and external stakeholders.

Thanks to our experience working with diverse clients at different stages of the supply chain, we have developed a comprehensive suite of replicable and adaptable due diligence tools and relationships with specialist service providers, such as traceability, data management, reporting, impact monitoring and investigative enterprises and initiatives, who we can help onboard into a client’s due diligence system. Some of these services include:

Some of these services include:

High-Level Gap Assessment

High-Level Gap Assessment of processes and procedures, providing a snapshot of what companies still need to do to comply with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance and their customers’ requirements. Our rapid review of due diligence processes is highly appreciated by our clients for its practicability and value for money. Through a two-day review of companies’ policies and procedures, we provide clients with a gap analysis and improvement plan report which helps them understand their risk management maturity.

Chain of Custody Procedures

Chain of Custody Procedures are necessary for material security purposes as well as if you or your customers wish to make claims about your environment, social and/or governance performance, either in conformance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance, the UNGPs or the SDGs. We will help you document your material flow, craft a procedure for material controls, and accommodate the appropriate IT systems to ensure adequate material tracking, traceability and reporting. We can help you then realise the value of this procedure beyond supply chain management, and into mineral marketing with regards to provenance claims and sustainability performance if desired.

Country Risk Assessments

Country Risk Assessments go beyond an overall country risk score, and include a clear assessment of each human rights, integrity and environmental potential risk. Thanks to this level of information, clients are more risk ready when taking important sourcing decisions and can tailor their requests to suppliers in reaction to specific risks identified.

Issue Specific Risk Investigation and Mitigation Planning

Issue Specific Risk Investigation and Mitigation Planning ensures you can be confident that you are fully prepared for critical risks in high-risk environments. Our child labour and forced labour risk investigation and mitigation planning tools help you understand not only the real nature and extent of the risk, but the mitigation landscape so that you can leverage other institutions that are taking action that can help avoid, minimise or respond to the risk.

​Supplier Engagement and Capacity Building

Supplier Engagement and Capacity Building. We help you engage suppliers in your efforts to continuously improve your responsible sourcing, from strategizing and supporting implementation on engagement, to reviewing documents submitted by potential new suppliers and monitoring information provided by existing ones. We check policies, procedures and know-your-customer (KYC) data and help you risk assess and respond to your new and existing suppliers’ gaps. We then provide support on next steps, if any are required.

Our projects

Project 1: Development of Robust Internal Due Diligence Systems

Client: Valcambi, sa.

Client type: Gold refinery

Years: 2015 – 2017

Levin Sources was contracted by Swiss gold refinery Valcambi as part of a drive towards improved supply chain transparency and to identify opportunities for the company to diversify its supplier base, including opportunities to source from ASM. To facilitate this, Levin Sources’ team created a bespoke enhanced due diligence system and suite of tools and a programme for continuous improvement.

Levin Sources provided training in ASM sourcing across all divisions at Valcambi, helping enfranchise members of production and corporate teams by communicating the value to the company. It also supported Valcambi’s team in developing communications approaches and a corporate affairs strategy.

Project 2: Development of Clean Cobalt Framework and Chain of Custody Traceability Solutions

Client: Metalkol RTR

Client type: Cobalt producer

Years: 2018

Levin Sources supported Eurasian Resources Group with the development of its flagship Clean Cobalt Framework, launched at its Metalkol RTR operation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We designed the full procedure for CoC and helped the client identify the best traceability IT solution to automate it. We also developed an Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Management Plan.

Project 3: Improving Due Diligence Procedures and Performance for IGR Global

Client: IGR Global

Client type: Gold refinery

Years: 2018

Levin Sources was contracted to assess and test the client’s existing due diligence procedures and identify gaps and areas for improvement. To further support the client, and to position it for continuous improvement, Levin Sources also provided training, capacity building and ongoing due diligence support.

Our global team working on our assurance services:

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