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Public Private Partnerships

Public Private Partnerships

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are an increasingly popular, and important, method for achieving business and impact goals in the raw materials sector. By pooling knowledge, capacity and risk, PPPs are an opportunity for the development of long-term, innovative relationships between public and private sector actors.

Common themes that drive the development of PPPs include overcoming challenges in healthcare, public safety, education, gender inequality, and food security.

Dr. Fabiana Di Lorenzo delivering participatory PPP training. Photo credit: IMA International

We work closely with both public and private parties, enabling them to build successful relationships that transcend sector and work to achieve both mutual and individual goals.

We provide advisory and training services for the effective formation of PPPs, including:

  • Scoping and recommendations for potential partnerships, finding the closest matches to maximise the likelihood of success
  • Facilitating positive communications and relationship building
  • Considering sectoral and cultural differences between actors and developing strategies to overcome
  • Defining effective partnership structures
  • Measuring and reporting on the social, environmental and political impact of partnerships

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