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Babar Turay

Babar Turay

Experienced forester and forest-ecologist, Sierra Leone

Babar Turay is an experienced forester and forest-ecologist with aid-agency, NGO, and private-sector experience throughout Sierra Leone.

With an applied ecology background, Babar has more than 10 years of experience in environmental management programs in Sierra Leone, in sectors such as forestry and artisanal mining and dealing with issues such as alternative livelihood programs and environmental rehabilitation. He is highly experienced in Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRAs), social capital assessments, stakeholder identification and engagement at all levels (villagers to high-levels of governments). Babar works as a researcher, facilitator, and analyst.

Babar has worked with the team at Levin Sources on artisanal diamond and gold mining in Sierra Leone on numerous occasions since 2004. From supporting clients with political risk and stakeholder engagement assignments to conducting field research on ASM in protected areas and supporting the creation of more responsible precious mineral supply chains, Babar is a wealth of expertise on the mining, development and conservation nexus in Sierra Leone.

Babar has an MA in Sustainable Developing in Environment from the University of Makeni, Sierra Leone, and a BSc in Environmental Science (Applied Ecology) from Njala University College (USL) in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Babar is fluent in English and the local languages of Sierra Leone, including Kono (mother-tongue), Mende, Krio, Kissi, Koranko, Madingo and Susu. He is based in Sierra Leone.

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