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Dr Bola Grace

Dr Bola Grace

Non-executive director

Dr Bola Grace has over a decade of senior leadership experience in the Biotech Industry, providing strategic, commercial and technical direction on complex programmes; pioneering new systems and processes to bring greater value and delivering numerous innovative award-winning products to the consumer marketplace. She is the Founder/CEO of Orishi, providing Inclusive Innovation solutions.

Bola is also an academic with extensive research on digital health, gender and health inequalities. Within academia, she holds Visiting Faculty roles where she lectures and supervises undergraduate and postgraduate research projects, presents at national and international conferences, and has published many journal articles.

Bola has a PhD in Population Health & Epidemiology from University College London and an Executive MBA from The University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Bola joined the board of Levin Sources in June 2021. She says of her appointment:

“I am impressed by Levin Sources’ commitment to ESG, value creation, thought leadership and diversity, as shown by their influence on policy and practice in the public and private sectors. Their innovative, multi-disciplinary problem-solving approach to challenges has made a significant impact to the industry. Their core values deeply resonate with me. They practice what they preach, as evinced by their cognitive diversity, even at board level. I am delighted to join the Board.”

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