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Dr. Fabiana Di Lorenzo

Dr. Fabiana Di Lorenzo

Senior Manager, Responsible Sourcing

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Dr. Fabiana Di Lorenzo is the Senior Manager, Responsible Sourcing at Levin Sources where she provides strategic direction to the Better Business division which offers services on responsible sourcing, due diligence, risk management, and ESG in mineral and metal supply chains. She has worked on responsible sourcing and supply chains since 2005 with exposure to various commodities including agricultural products, garments, minerals and metals.

This April 2020, Fabiana will be sharing her expertise during two digital workshops on Responsible Sourcing and EU Conflict mineral Regulation.

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Since joining Levin Sources in 2016, Fabiana has advised companies, governments, international organisations and standard setters. She has helped mid-upstream and upstream businesses with their full-scale review of due diligence processes and procedures as well as with operationalising standards and normative documents.

Fabiana also facilitated industry workshops and multi-stakeholder platforms and she provided strategic advisory to standard setters and sustainability initiatives. Recent projects include the mapping and risk identification of more than 15 minerals and metals as well as political, legal and environmental risk assessment of several industrial minerals.

Prior to joining Levin Sources, Fabiana worked as an independent consultant, as a trainer on multi-stakeholder and public private partnership work for IMA International, she led global programs at the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and worked for the International Training Centre of the ILO where she managed global projects on the advancement of the eight fundamental labour conventions. She also worked for the UK government on matters related to youth employment and SMEs support. She led the development of the Business Forum, a multi-stakeholder platform with some of the most important companies in the borough to ensure full alignment and reciprocal leverage of companies’ CSR commitments with government’s policies. Between 2015 and 2011 Fabiana was a researcher on agricultural supply chains in West Africa, Kenya, Italy and South Africa.

Fabiana has a PhD in law from King’s College London, where she researched the role of Public Private Partnerships in addressing the worst forms of child labour in global supply chains. She also holds a Master’s in Law (Criminology and Criminal Justice) from King’s College London, a Master in Human Rights and International Development and a Bachelor’s degree in International Development (Major in Economics) from the University of Turin (Italy).

Fabiana works in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

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