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Ioana Belu

Ioana Belu

Market Development and Innovation Specialist, CVCFG

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Ioana is the Senior Market Development and Innovation Specialist for the USAID-funded Commercially Viable Conflict Free Gold programme. Her role is to engage global stakeholders in the downstream sector to support artisanal and small-scale mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), while charting alternative and viable paths to trade minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

With a career spanning two decades in finance, corporate risk, and investment in emerging markets, Ioana now researches Social Innovation at Judge Business School, Cambridge University. She designs educational programmes for tech education implementation in the Middle East and continues to be a tech investor and network facilitator. She has made it her life’s mission to disrupt paradigms and imagine innovative ecosystems that foster institutional change, with the goal of advancing a more sustainable decision-making process for our everyday lives, a streamlined, prevention-centered communication between voters and their chosen leaders, and the creation of efficient, citizen-focused institutions.

Ioana collaborates with institutions and universities worldwide for speaking engagements on tech education, AI adoption, and impact assessment. She still loves to travel and is a healthy living enthusiast.

Ioana works in English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, and Arabic.

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