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Olivia Lyster

Olivia Lyster

Researcher and Project Manager

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Olivia is a Project Manager and Researcher at Levin Sources. She provides capacity and support on a wide range of projects, helping deliver accurate, insightful and timely results to public and private sector clients.

Olivia has qualitative and quantitative research skills gained through desk and field-based research in more than ten countries around the world. She has experience on projects related to due diligence and risk management along gold, diamonds, coloured gemstones and 3Ts supply chains.

Since joining Levin Sources, Olivia has worked with clients in the public and private sectors, developing solutions that address a range of challenges and barriers to good governance and better business. She has facilitated project methodology designs, taken lead authorship for reports, applied robust human rights methodologies and analysed primary and secondary data sets.

Prior to her work at Levin Sources, Olivia worked as a relief officer in Mafraq, Jordan, helping to build community resilience in the post-conflict environment. She also worked as a teaching assistant in Lebanon and a field researcher in Brazil.

Olivia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Cambridge, where she practiced French and Arabic languages. She has undertaken modules in Natural Resources for Sustainable Development and a Microsoft Excel Expert course.

Olivia works in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Arabic. She is based at Levin Sources, Cambridge.

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