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We are Levin Sources: Introducing our new brand

We are Levin Sources: Introducing our new brand

July 27, 2017, by Jack Cooper


We are delighted to introduce you to our new brand identity: Levin Sources.

Over the past two years, we have taken a close look at what is valuable to us, how we want to operate as a company, and how our clients and the world sees the work we do.

In that time, we have grown from a small handful of consultants to 14 full-time team members and a host of associates around the world. Every addition to the team has brought with them skills, knowledge and values that have shaped the company we have become.

We now have a more-diverse skills and services proposition. We offer our clients expertise in supply chain due diligence, conservation, human rights with a special focus on vulnerable groups, and responsible mining and sourcing – we need to reflect this in our brand identity.

Furthermore, we are now a social venture. This means everything we do must deliver positive and sustainable impacts and outcomes that build resilient futures for us all. We exist to move more raw materials through systems where good governance and better business are the norm, and we’re working harder than ever, with an increased focus on public interest work, working with sustainable ventures, and measurement and evaluation.

After seven years at the forefront of responsible mining and sourcing, we decided to invest more time and energy into communicating our value, so that we can use it as a vehicle to achieve ours’ and our clients’ goals.

At the heart of our new brand identity are three words: utility, beauty and justice. These words have been the driving force at the company for years, as we have sought to balance all three in all of our work.

We encourage you to look around our new website. Please email us with comments and enquiries – we’d love to hear your feedback.

We’ve also refreshed our presence on social media. You can connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Along with our new look, we’re also picking up where we left off with newsletter – expect to see an update in August and every 6 weeks after that. Not signed up? Subscribe here.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of some expert branding professionals. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Richard Watkins, Siri Teilmann-Ibsen, Virginie Bahon, Harriet Kelsall, Jack Cunningham, Magnus Arrevad, Daughter, Chameleon Studios and everybody else who has been instrumental in bringing Levin Sources to life.

We’d also like to thank our clients, collaborators and friends for your ongoing business, support and interest.

Please note any emails sent to @estellelevin.com email addresses will have been re-directed to @levinsources.com accounts, so nothing will be lost.

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