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ASM-PACE Madagascar Report

ASM-PACE Madagascar Report


The overall objective of this ASM in Madagascar Strategic Management of Artisanal Rushes Tool and Lessons Learned Study Project is to address the growing threat of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining on, in and around Madagascar’s protected areas (PAs) and critical ecosystems, and ideally in a way that can ensure continued socioeconomic development without undermining ecological resiliency.

This report’s remit is both to provide an historical perspective, and to illustrate the extent of ASM activity and rushes – focusing on successful and failed methods to cope with mineral rushes, and what has been learned in terms of effective ASM and ASM-rush management as a result. A principal objective of the review is to provide analysis on progress, or lack thereof, made toward the reduction of ASM rushes. Thus the study embraces both current and historical incidences of ASM activity and rushes, with an element of analytical comparison between different experiences and approaches to rushes.

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