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Natural Resources and Trade Flows in the GLR - Annexes

Natural Resources and Trade Flows in the GLR - Annexes


Client(s): Initiative for Central Africa (INICA), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

Date: 2007

This set of Annexes was edited by Estelle Levin in her role for INICA in 2006-7 as part of DFID’s Natural Resources and Trade Flows in the Great Lakes Region. Annex VI presents a rationale and methodology for exploring Artisanal & Small-scale Mining (ASM) in DR Congo from a sustainable livelihoods perspective.

As Estelle writes herein, ‘It is one thing to structure the playing field, for example by altering institutional capacity and responsibilities, laws and policies, political and economic systems; but these structural changes will produce little if the people at whom such changes are targeted, I.e. DRC’s grassroots miners, agriculturalists and foresters, are unable to capitalise on or benefit from them.’

The five other annexes provide statistical, anthropological, cartographic, and legal analysis of mineral trades in DRC, as well as a case study of cassiterite exploitation and trade in North Kivu.

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