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A Corporate’s Journey Towards Sustainable Gemstone Sourcing

A Corporate’s Journey Towards Sustainable Gemstone Sourcing


Client: Confidential large corporate client

Collaboration: Bernadette Larcher

Partnering with communications & CSR expert Bernadette Larcher, Levin Sources was commissioned to support a large corporate client determine an approach to improve sustainability in their gemstone sourcing. The company wanted to better assure their sourcing and aspires to educate their customers on their sustainable sourcing practices. Levin Sources was brought in to build transparency into the client’s colored gem supply chains and so identify the gems’ countries of origin in order to help the company better understand the risks and opportunities for their actual supply chains and to create the tools to help support sustainable supply chain management.

Levin Sources assessed the material issues in gemstone mining, trading, and processing. This assessment informed the design of a supplier questionnaire which was used in Asia and Latin America to interview Tier 1 suppliers to understand their knowledge of the supply chains and risks as well as their desire and ability to comply with sustainability criteria in their sourcing practices.

The information was used to identify engaged suppliers, and understand the gaps in information about the supply chain. It also helped Levin Sources to rank risks in sourcing which has become a powerful management tool. Levin Sources has since conducted deep-dive research on supply chains for specific gems and developed a Code of Conduct specific to gemstone sourcing, but which was later adapted into a general Code of Conduct and Extractives Policy for responsible sourcing across the group.

This work has helped the company meaningfully engage with its suppliers on the issue of sustainability. The company also now has tools that can help manage and mitigate risk. Furthermore, the work has helped raise awareness amongst the organisation senior management and suppliers about the challenges and opportunities on their journey towards sustainability.

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