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Swiss Development and Cooperation: Marketplace of Ideas & Mongolia’s Best Practice

Swiss Development and Cooperation: Marketplace of Ideas & Mongolia’s Best Practice


Levin Sources facilitated an international symposium bringing together leaders of knowledge initiatives in the field of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM). Participants scoped opportunities for cooperation and knowledge sharing between them, setting up opportunities to drive greater impact for artisanal miners and their communities around the world.

One technique involved a decentralised marketplace learning approach. Under the bespoke approach, each participating organisation designed a booth to feature their work. Participants were encouraged to walk through the marketplace and directly engage with the materials. In addition to sparking conversations and facilitating learning in real time, the participants used slips of paper to tag comments, questions, insights, and ideas to each display with a focus on where there might be ‘touch-points’ for cooperation and leverage.

The event took place in Mongolia, which allowed local stakeholders an opportunity to share the best practice examples they have been developing in ASM formalisation. The gathering featured delegates from 18 countries and representatives from 35 different governments, NGOs, international bodies, consulates/embassies, leading ASM projects, research and training institutes, and local ASM communities. The ASM Knowledge Hub International Symposium drew upon the group’s rich experience and expertise to discuss the establishment of the Knowledge Hub. Key topics included:

  • Need for and demand of an ASM Knowledge Hub
  • Functionality and structure of a Knowledge Hub
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities for the Knowledge Hub with other ASM knowledge initiatives and partners
  • Sustainability of the Knowledge Hub

You can find out more about this event and download the workshop report here

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