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Responsible Investment Advice

Responsible Investment Advice

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Levin Sources provides responsible investment advice to market entrants investing in ASM sectors in volatile markets. Our responsible investment advisory service covers:

  • Due diligence practices and integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into capital allocation and portfolio management.
  • Crisis communication, communicating to a diverse audience and development of tone and narrative.
  • Business and social media intelligence.
  • Routes to market, stakeholder mapping, analysis and engagement.
  • Navigating market challenges and risks related to weak governance, integrity, social inequality, infrastructure limitations and competition for natural resources.
  • Strategies to combine short term performance with long term goals, while adapting to fast changing and challenging markets.
  • Reporting on ESG and SDG performance.
  • Risk management, including strategies for communicating to shareholders and managing expectations when entering complex new markets.


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