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Who we are


We are the B Corp certified, go-to consultancy enabling governments, businesses, investors and civil society to build sustainable, valuable and equitable minerals value chains. We were born in 2010 from the conviction that the mining and minerals sector has tremendous potential as an agent of positive societal change and to move beyond its image of environmental destruction and human exploitation. The minerals sector is at the heart of accelerating digital transformations and the transition to a green economy. We support our clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors with their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) needs through world-class analysis, creative thinking and holistic solutions for our shared future. Together, we achieve greater sustainable development, responsible business conduct and human rights protections.

Sustainability is at the core of our business

We assist the mining and minerals sector as it explores ways to go beyond mere compliance and deliver measurable positive impact for workers, consumers, local communities and the environment.

Our journey started in 2010 with a project looking into the occurrence, motivations and factors for successfully managing ASM in protected areas and critical ecosystems. We haven’t looked back, helping clients improve their environmental performance, leading paradigm shifts like forest-smart mining and supporting major industry initiatives in the green energy sector.

Today we support governments and large and small companies in enabling the conditions for achieving global sustainability conventions, like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Accords, and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


We support governments and large and small companies in enabling the conditions for achieving global sustainability conventions

Our mission: bringing value to our clients

Strengthening business integrity, navigating complexity and generating measurable results for our clients are at the heart of our approach to building value.

This is why we have invested in breakthrough Digital4Development and Sustainable Finance solutions such as the award-winning ASMSpotter.

We partner with leading technology providers to bring you easy-to-use, impactful options that improve business processes for product traceability, stakeholder engagement, risk management, and good governance.

Working towards a more equitable sector

Responsibly sourced and mined minerals can change lives for the better all along the supply chain, including for mining communities.

We work with governments, standard setters, large-scale miners, and mineral buyers to ensure large scale mining occurs responsibly, that artisanal mining improves the lives of miners and their communities, and that SMEs can participate in responsible supply chains. In all our work we advocate for transparency, participation and inclusion, and design and implement processes that uphold these values.

Because ASM disproportionately affects people depending on their gender and other attributes, we always bring an inclusive lens to our practical advice.

We always bring an inclusive lens to our practical advice

We are where you need us

Through our network of team members and associates, we are present in over 20 countries and have experience working in over 80. Our suite of strategic partnerships with other SMEs, expert agencies, and NGOs allows us to deepen and widen our offerings to clients.

Our minerals expertise

We have worked with over 50 minerals and geological raw materials including battery metals and other minerals required for the green economy transition, critical raw materials, industrial minerals and precious minerals. We have worked with over 100 gem varieties.

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