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Nabilah Kesington

Nabilah Kesington

Researcher and Project Officer

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Nabilah Kesington is a Researcher and Project Officer at Levin Sources.

Prior to Levin Sources, Nabilah worked as a Business Development Assistant at international development consulting firm Landell Mills, where she was engaged in the management and administration of ongoing project portfolios, the preparation of Expressions of Interests (EOIs) and tender proposals for donor-funded projects by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), European Commission and Department for International Development (DFID now FCDO). She supported the consultancy with marketing, communications, and knowledge management internally and on behalf of the company.

Moreover, Nabilah has experience as an Intern in the Afghanistan, Pacific, and Asia Division at Landell Mills, where she worked on a series of projects centering Asian and Pacific countries, value chains, natural resource management, and disaster risk reduction. These include the ADB-funded projects; ‘Supporting Inclusive, Sustainable, and Connected Coffee Value Chains in Timor-Leste’, ‘Strengthening Integrated Flood Risk Management’ across Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Viet Nam and, ‘Strengthening International Food Safety Standards in Agricultural Value Chains in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Member Countries’.

Nabilah holds a BSc in International Development with Economics from the University of Bath with expertise in postcolonial studies, the politics of international development, development economics, and value chains. Her dissertation focused on whether the criteria of neo-colonialism can be applied to the Structural Adjustment Programme policies undertaken in Nigeria between 1986 and 1993. During her degree, she researched a variety of contemporary developmental topics and issues in African countries, such as the cocoa industry in Ghana, the diamond sectors in Botswana and Sierra Leone, the First and Second Liberian Civil Wars, and gender disparities in Cote d’Ivoire. Nabilah is passionate about African countries navigating development and climate change, decolonising development, and equitable, participatory, and transformative approaches to development.

Nabilah works fluently in English and is based in Hertfordshire, UK.

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