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Sebastien Pennes

Sebastien Pennes


An economist by trade, Sebastian believes that ASM can be a formidable lever to social and economic development, especially in rural Africa; that it can complement large-scale mining on a global scale without necessarily clashing over mineral resources access; and that governments should seek to support and liberate its immense potential rather than multiplying its constraints. To achieve such goals requires a solid understanding of local customary practices and value chain arrangements as much as formal policies.

Sebastian has directly led large ASM programs and provided consulting throughout the African continent for the past twelve years. Before ASM, he was a relief worker and a United Nations political officer in fragile conflict and post-conflict environments where he learned to manage risks and deliver results in fast-changing political contexts.

He holds Masters degrees from top US and French universities, accumulates 20+ years of hands-on field experience and works in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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