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Our training on responsible sourcing and EU Conflict Mineral Regulation is going digital

Our training on responsible sourcing and EU Conflict Mineral Regulation is going digital

March 23, 2020, by Dr Fabiana Di Lorenzo


Like all of us, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the social distancing measures implemented by European governments. In light of the rapidly-changing situation, we have been exploring alternative approaches to providing you and your company with the tools needed to implement due diligence in your organisation.

We have decided to move the Responsible Sourcing Training and EU Conflict Mineral Regulation workshops to a digital format, using a high-quality webinar platform. The workshops will be run over two dates in April.

  • FULL Wednesday 22 April, 10 am to 2pm UK time, or
  • Tuesday 28 April, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm CET

The sessions will be interactive and we will encourage questions and participation. Each session will therefore be scheduled to last two to four hours, allowing flexibility for the group’s engagement with the trainer.


Taking the workshop online means that we can reduce the cost of attendance to £150 exclusive of VAT for the first registration from your company and then £100 exclusive of VAT* for any additional registrations. This preferential rate also applies if participants attend different sessions.

How this will work

  1. Once you have filled the booking form, we will send you the payment details.
  2. After payment has been completed, we will send you an invitation to the workshop, including the link to log in.
  3. We are expecting 10 to 15 attendees for each session. We are keeping them small to ensure everyone can get the most out of them, ask their questions, interact with other attendees, etc.
  4. We’ll share slides with all attendees after both workshops have completed.

The trainer

Dr Fabiana Di Lorenzo, our responsible sourcing senior manager, will deliver the workshops. Fabiana has over 15 years’ experience advising clients on responsible sourcing, sustainability strategy implementation, risk management, and ESG in mineral and metal supply chains. She has worked on more than 30 minerals and metals and advised small and blue-chip companies, investment firms, governments, international organisations and standard setters. Fabiana led the development of the EC Due Diligence Ready! Platform.

As a reminder, this digital workshop will provide you with:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the OECD due diligence guidance in line with the content of the regulation and what it means for your sector.
  • A concrete understanding of how to implement due diligence in your organisation.
  • Clear next steps for managing due diligence on a budget and with limited resources.
  • An indication of where you can find additional training material to provide support to your organisation.
  • The slides and resources to train your own colleagues.
* VAT will be added at 20 % for all UK companies & individuals and for European companies and individuals without a VAT number. No VAT is added for the rest of the world.

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