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Levin Sources Joins ResponsibleSteel™ Working Group

Levin Sources Joins ResponsibleSteel™ Working Group

February 20, 2018, by Jack Cooper


Levin Sources has today announced it has joined the ResponsibleSteel™ Working Group as an associate member. ResponsibleSteel™ is an effective collaboration between actors at all levels of the steel supply chain, bringing together technical expertise to drive good practice and responsible sourcing.

Steel is the world's largest material industry, generating a turnover of $1 trillion (£7.2 trillion) annually, and is 10 times larger than the aluminium industry, 7.5 times larger than the copper industry, and 4 times larger than the cement industry. It is the world's most widely used material. Companies that use it in transport, automotive, infrastructure, packaging, construction, energy and white goods sectors have a growing expectation that the materials they work with are responsibly sourced and produced.

ResponsibleSteel™ is creating a new certification to be finalised via an ISEAL Code-compliant process during 2018/2019. The certification framework will be of direct benefit to producers already maintaining high standards , and will bring benefits industry-wide by encouraging those who could operate more reponsibly to build value and integrate sustainability.

The standard ResponsibleSteel™ is developing will:

  • Ensure sustainability goals on the availability of clean water
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Create jobs that benefit individuals and communities
  • Ensure responsible patterns of production and consumption are met
  • Be good for producers, people, and the environment

Dr. Fabiana Di Lorenzo, Due Diligence Manager for Levin Sources, said: "We are committed to developing solutions that drive sustainability and build value in raw materials sectors. As more manufacturers expect responsibly sourced materials as standard, ResponsibleSteel™ is doing important work that we are pleased to support."

The ResponsibleSteel™ Draft Standard is available to read here.

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