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Responsible Mining

Our view of responsible mining

Responsible mining respects human rights, delivers safe conditions for personnel and communities, and minimises environmental impacts.

In its optimal form, responsible mining forges net positive impact as an engine for sustainable development, and leaves positive legacies through the stimulation of shared value across implicated stakeholders.

A wide range of stakeholders is impacted throughout the lifecycle of a mine. International guidance requires that responsible mining means engaging with these internal and external stakeholders to identify, minimise and remediate negative impacts.

What we do

We are deeply aware of the nuanced and complex challenges companies, governments, civil society and communities face when trying to enact more responsible mining activities. Our insights and recommendations have led to benefits for communities and miners, improving understanding and relations between large-scale mines and artisanal and small-scale miners, supporting risk management across sustainability issues, and establishing traceability and reporting systems to build investor, consumer, civil society and public confidence.

Because the technical, social and regulatory realities differ from case to case, we favour creative and context-specific approaches underpinned by data, knowledge and an engagement with individuals and institutions that bring perspectives from all sides.

Our work has taken us to more than 50 countries, including conflict-affected and high-risk areas and fragile states. Along the way, we have built relationships and partnerships with many excellent organisations and local experts that increase our capacity to contribute to locally sensitive and viable operations and programmes.

We are working for a more accountable, and valuable global mining industry that is sensitive to the needs, rights, aspirations and voices of the most vulnerable. We help the mining industry create value for society by being compliant, profitable and sustainable.

What we offer

We provide a suite of ASM specialist research, strategic advisory, due diligence, assurance, capacity building and monitoring and reporting services to mining companies.

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Our services include:

Assessments and research

  • ASM baselines: We assess the social and economic situation of ASM communities through desk and field research, helping our clients understand the demographic composition, material value chain, economic drivers and the risks associated with operations.
  • We conduct impact assessments, focussing on ASM aspects often as part of Social and Environmental Impact Assessments (SEIA)We conduct human rights and ASM risk assessments, including spot checks of ASM mine sites. We build understanding through baseline and diagnostic assessments, value chain analysis, marketing research and political economy assessments
  • Example: Impact assessments for mining licence acquisition, providing ASM, land, political economy, specialist components

Assurance and due diligence

  • We improve the efficiency of our clients’ processes and procedures through systematic and disciplined internal audits and on-the-ground spot checks.
  • We develop due diligence systems and chain of custody procedures for our clients’ and their suppliers’ operations. We work with a range of IT and supply chain traceability partners, to ensure our clients get the right solution according to their circumstances.
  • Example: Carrying out due diligence on a mine for M&A, investment, or procurement purposes
  • Example: Putting in places structures and processes for responsible sourcing initiatives

Engagement, policy and strategy

We develop systems for ASM Management on and around a client’s operations, including ASM stakeholder mapping and engagement, and the development of ASM monitoring and reporting systems.

We improve the understanding and relations between LSM and ASM by developing tailored Artisanal and Small-scale Mining policies for mining organisations that set out the overall strategy and approach towards engagement with artisanal miners and communities.

We provide advisory on strategic (ASM) community investment and shared value creation. We maximise the contribution of the minerals sector to national and local development; from revenue generation to decent employment opportunities and management of associated social and environmental risks.

  • Example: Managing deteriorating or conflictual relations between the mining company and the community, including the ASM sub-community
  • Example: Optimising community development funds to drive sustainable development (with our partner, Innovest)
  • Example: Vetting public allegations of human rights violations by the mine

Capacity building

We provide training at every level of raw materials supply chains from commercial and technical training for artisanal miners, to C-suite and operations staff of mining companies or investors.

  • Example: Building internal and stakeholder capacity through targeted training packages

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