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Valcambi: Development of robust internal due diligence system

Valcambi: Development of robust internal due diligence system


Client: Valcambi

Collaboration: N/A

Valcambi is a leader in precious metals refining, operating one of the world's largest and most efficient integrated precious metals plants at Balerna, Switzerland.

In 2015, Valcambi approached Levin Sources as part of a drive towards improved supply chain transparency and to identify opportunities for the company to diversify its supplier base. The company was particularly interested in improving its sourcing practices from Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM). A gap analysis was performed on Valcambi’s existing internal due diligence system to identify areas of strength, weakness and opportunities for improvement.

Levin Sources' business team created an enhanced due diligence system and developed enhanced due diligence tools for sourcing from mines and ASM sources. Levin Sources guided Valcambi to map and engage the right stakeholders, including convening and facilitating meetings internationally.

Today, Valcambi has a more robust due diligence system and programme for continuous improvement because of this work.

Levin Sources provided training in ASM sourcing across all divisions at Valcambi, helping enfranchise members of production and corporate teams by communicating the value to the company. It also supported Valcambi’s team in developing communications approaches and a corporate affairs strategy.

In the framework of continuous improvement, Levin Sources and Valcambi continue to work together on enhancing the company’s responsible sourcing strategies.

“By combining its expertise in minerals value chain with our vision and quest for excellence, Levin Sources has been a valuable partner in consolidating and enhancing Valcambi’s strategies on responsible sourcing”

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