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Solidaridad: Scoping, tool mapping and assessment opportunities for gold programme

Solidaridad: Scoping, tool mapping and assessment opportunities for gold programme


Client: Solidaridad

Collaboration: N/A

Solidaridad is an international network organisation that envisions a world where the people who produce the resources on which we all depend can contribute to change that matters, change that leads to prosperity for all, without harming each other or the environment. The organisation operates in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North, Central and South America with commodities like cotton, tea, livestock, sugarcane, foodstuffs, coffee, gold and more.

Levin Sources was selected by Solidaridad to provide research and recommendations for the expansion of its gold programme, including artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM).

Levin Sources’ research team used both desk and field-based research to analyse a number of countries to determine their suitability for the programme. This research included stakeholder engagement, dialogue with other key responsible sourcing actors, on-the-ground interviews and reporting upstream observations.

During the project, Levin Sources mapped existing tools, guidelines and mechanisms for the responsible procurement of gold for mid and downstream companies to develop recommendations for Solidaridad’s own tool for sustainable gold purchasing.

A final report with recommendations was prepared based on the findings of the scoping studies. This report assisted Solidaridad in the preparation of a complete strategy for ASM engagement and to identify areas for further research.

"Working with the Levin Sources team has always helped Solidaridad gain important new insight for our programme strategy," said Jennifer Horning, Gold Programme Coordinator at Solidaridad.

"The team draws from a broad network and deep knowledge of the mining and minerals value chain. Not only are they experts in the sector, they also bring top-notch professionalism and integrity."

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