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Policy, strategy, programme design and impact monitoring

Policy, strategy, programme design and impact monitoring

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We apply our expert knowledge to ensure mineral sector interventions drive greater positive impacts by being efficient, effective and adaptive

Public and private sector engagement with the minerals sector can enhance its contribution to national and local sustainable development – helping to create decent employment opportunities, develop local infrastructure, and improve revenue generation. And yet, all too often, misguided or badly informed policies and strategies can undermine the impact they seek to generate, resulting in inefficient resource use, unintended outcomes and missed opportunities. Our philosophy is that well-informed policy, strategy and programme development can go a long way to ensuring the sector achieves its full potential as a catalyst for sustainable development.

At Levin Sources we work progressively with our clients to build a comprehensive understanding of the environment their interventions seek to influence. We help articulate policy and programming objectives and inform priority intervention areas and activities to achieve these objectives. We support clients to define their impact metrics and monitor the impact of their interventions, which can be fed back into the continuous improvement of their activities.

Our work in this area is built on the importance of multi-stakeholder engagement for inclusive policy and programme design, process facilitation to ensure ownership of our clients, and ongoing capacity building to guarantee that our clients are well-equipped to deliver on the commitments they make. In recent years, our projects include the development of national policies, strategies and action plans for the artisanal and small-scale mining sector, programme design and evaluations for major international donors, and bespoke one-off and ongoing technical advice.

Key services:

  • Strategy and action plan development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Programme baselines
    • Theory of change
    • Impact monitoring, reporting and enhancement
    • Programme evaluation
  • Policy, legal and regulatory review
  • Carbon accounting

Client feedback:

Marthe van Laarhoven, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Boukje Theeuwes, Solidaridad Europe, co-chairs of the Working Group ‘Collective Actions and Upscaling’ of the Gold Agreement: “We were very satisfied with the quality of work delivered and the process as we received a strategy with feasible, concrete actions. Your presentation and the answers you provided during our General Assembly were clear and helped engage our signatories.” Read the full case study here.


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