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Responsible business conduct, risk management and due diligence

Responsible business conduct, risk management and due diligence

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We prepare companies to comply with evolving responsible business conduct and ESG expectations, improving their readiness to manage and mitigate risks and so protect the social licence to operate

It can be challenging to identify and manage risk in business. Poor risk management can expose companies, their employees and shareholders to legal, reputational and operational risks, limit access to markets and contribute to negative financial, social and environmental outcomes in operations and supply chains. Proper due diligence allows companies to establish a competitive advantage and to future-proof their business by building resilience into their investments, operations and supply chains.

We work hand in hand with our clients to help them develop solid processes and procedures, to effectively manage and mitigate risks. Our bespoke support guarantees that due diligence becomes an integral part of everyday risk management for the client and their business partners. Our aim is that our clients feel confident and empowered to independently run their own due diligence programs – including traceability, chain of custody and community engagement. At Levin Sources we take companies on a journey and support them every step of the way. We help them go further, beyond risk management to generate positive impact in their production systems and supply chains.

From the outset, Levin Sources has played a formative role in the evolution of the discourse on supply chain due diligence and the responsible sourcing of minerals. We have in-depth knowledge, a wealth of practical tools and a pool of industry leading experts to deliver comprehensive and targeted risk management solutions for our clients, on a range of topics including the OECD Due Diligence guidance and aligned standards, the EU Regulation on Conflict Minerals, the Dodd Frank Act (Section 1502), and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

We specialise in the management of risks related to doing business with, or in the vicinity of, artisanal and small-scale mining. For example, we help mining companies and protected area managers assess and respond to risks posed by illegal and informal ASM to their business operations and reputation, whilst fulfilling their responsibility to respect human rights. We help companies source from ASM in ways that reduce commercial and human rights risks for supply chain participants, so increasing the possibility of sustainable outcomes.

Key services:

  • Risk management processes and procedures
    • Chain of custody systems and selection of business-appropriate traceability and blockchain solutions
    • Risk identification and mitigation, including ESG and ASM
  • Risk assessment of suppliers and sources by entity, geography, mineral, and issue
  • Identification of responsible sources of minerals / brokerage
  • Incident monitoring and response
  • Restoration and rehabilitation
  • Policies and procedures for climate and environmental management
  • Responsible Sourcing for Small Jewellers package

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