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Standards and audits

Standards and audits

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We advise on the development of legal and normative frameworks that are well-defined and capable of driving continuous positive social and environmental impacts

We help companies to conform with and exceed normative and legal requirements

Normative and legal frameworks relating to environmental and social risks are continuously evolving. Companies have to stay ahead of these developments in order to ensure their operations meet tomorrow’s minimum standards. Doing so proactively helps companies remain relevant to market changes, build resilience into their operations and better demonstrate the positive impact of their businesses. It also helps safeguard society and the environment from irresponsible business conduct and pivots business models towards approaches that enhance positive impacts for people and planet.

As practitioners we have contributed directly and indirectly to the development of more than 40 standards, industry initiatives and legal frameworks, driving the responsible sourcing and mining discourse forward.

As architects and advocates for these frameworks, we are best placed to advise companies on how to adhere to them, as well as audit their performance. We offer 2 audit services.

  • Internal audit service that provides clients with a clear understanding of their strengths and required areas of improvement, so that they are well placed to pass external audits.
  • Independent third-party audit service to assess companies’ conformance in respect to these standards.

We are first and foremost ethically-focused mineral sector experts, which we combine with our strong understanding of sustainability, human rights, and responsible business standard development and audit processes and procedures. This ensures that our service provision is both technically and methodologically sound.

Key services:

  • Standard design, advice, review and revision
  • Gap and alignment assessments
  • Internal audits
  • Audit preparation with auditees
  • Audit protocol development

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