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Bernardo Ranieri

Bernardo Ranieri

Biologist | Environmental Studies & ESG Expert

Bernardo is a seasoned biologist strongly committed to advancing sustainable and cleaner production in the mining industry and promoting nature-based solutions for regenerative and net-positive agriculture.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in the field, he has become a multifaceted professional with expertise in all aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in the extractive industry, including ecology, biodiversity, extraction and metallurgy, human rights, governance, and policy. Bernardo's career spans South America, where he has actively contributed to sustainability initiatives within the industry.

He has worked across diverse mineral types and operational scales, bringing a holistic approach to sustainability. Bernardo has led numerous environmental assessments, restoration plans, and remediation efforts for international consultancies and mining companies. In the aftermath of the Mariana (2015) iron-ore tailings dam disaster in Minas Gerais, Bernardo took charge of environmental monitoring projects across terrestrial and aquatic habitats in the affected watersheds. As an expert at Fundação Renova from 2020 to 2023, Bernardo developed a comprehensive framework to characterize geochemical, ecological, and social impacts. He monitored the progress of remediation efforts and crafted ecological and human health risk assessments for the Rio Doce watershed, which was severely impacted by the Mariana disaster.

Today, Mr. Ranieri is an independent ESG consultant and conducts research at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. His current focus centers on regenerative mitigation to achieve net-positive outcomes for the quality of ecosystems, biodiversity, and human health.

Bernardo is a long-time associate of Levin Sources having collaborated with the following projects:

  • Analysis of the institutional landscape of international initiatives working to address the negative impacts of mining in forests and Forest-Smart mining (2020);
  • Analysis of the institutional landscape of Coloured Gemstones ASM Sector in Brazil (2022); and
  • Analysis to Identify the mineral producer countries where philanthropic engagement could best leverage resilient and flexible global supply chains for critical raw materials in Chile and Brazil (2023).

Bernardo Ranieri's career exemplifies unwavering dedication to sustainable development practices and a profound commitment to safeguarding the environment and local communities. His contributions transcend borders, making him an asset to the global effort for responsible resource management.

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