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Vovia Witni

Vovia Witni

Community Development and ASM Specialist | Mining Governance and Its Impact


Vovia Witni is a highly regarded community development and artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) specialist, with an impressive 18 years of experience in CSR, social research, governance, and social and gender mapping. Currently, she holds the position of Program Coordinator at the Tambuhak Sinta Foundation, a leading Indonesian NGO renowned for its significant contributions to mining governance and community empowerment. Previously, she worked with Oxfam International, Save the Children, IRD, and a multinational company.

Witni's extensive career is marked by her exceptional skills in research and project leadership. She has spearheaded vital projects such as the Women Miner Development in Central Kalimantan and Riau Province, and the comprehensive research action project - Health Pollution and Action Plan (HPAP). Her work involves rigorous research and gender mapping, leading to the development of impactful community-centric projects. Her research endeavors in the mining sector have been particularly noteworthy, contributing vital insights into gender dynamics and environmental practices in mining. Among her scholarly works, Witni has authored “Building secure and resilient transition minerals in Indonesia” and co-authored "Nickel for the Mobility Transition – A Developmental Perspective" and “Market Study – Local Construction Materials in India and Indonesia”, among others. Her publications extensively cover governance, environmental and social impacts, and gender dynamics in mining.

Holding a Bachelor of Engineering, Witni is pursuing a Master's in Public Administration. She is fluent in English, Indonesian, and several native languages. Her career is distinguished not only by effective project management and community development but also by her influential researches. She actively participates in workshops and conferences, sharing her findings and contributing to the body of knowledge in her field. Witni's commitment to research, combined with her dedication to community development and environmental conservation, establishes her as a key figure in advancing sustainable and equitable mining practices in Indonesia.


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