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Blanca Racionero Gómez

Blanca Racionero Gómez

Researcher and Project Manager


Blanca Racionero Gómez is a researcher and project manager with a background in biological and environmental engineering technologies. She provides capacity and support on projects related to mining and the environment, reduction of mercury usage and other pollutants, and administrative support for both better business and good governance teams at Levin Sources.

Since joining Levin Sources, Blanca has conducted research on various minerals including minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas, development minerals and minerals needed for renewable energies, such as 3TGs, lithium, cobalt, lapis lazuli and talc. She has been working to understand the impacts of mining on forested areas and develop a forest-smart mining concept and action path to safeguard biodiversity and forests. In 2018, Blanca organised a workshop in Astana, Kazakhstan to stimulate new research to remediate mining polluted waterways and she has a lot of interest and expertise in green economy and metals needed for a sustainable future. Blanca is an experienced researcher with strong qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis skills, gained through laboratory and desk-based research projects. She is experienced in scientific research, data management and data analysis, helping deliver accurate, insightful and prompt results to public and private sector clients.

Prior to joining Levin Sources, Blanca completed research projects on metal recovery from wastewater and training on metal uptake by macroalgae and various bio-adsorbents.

She holds two degrees at Master level in Environmental Technology and Engineering, and Research in Geology and an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology.

Blanca works fluently in Spanish, Catalan and English, and has an intermediate level of French. She is based in Cambridge.

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