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Training and capacity building

Training and capacity building

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We develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of mineral sector stakeholders, building their capacity to improve performance

The minerals sector is complex and challenging for businesses, their regulators and their monitors. At Levin Sources we work with our clients to develop their understanding of the opportunities and challenges of committing resources to change, so they feel empowered to take the appropriate steps towards improved performance.

We deliver remote and in-person training sessions and workshops as well as structured ongoing support and guidance on topics such as artisanal and small-scale mining production and value chains, responsible sourcing, due diligence and risk management, environmental management and legal and regulatory compliance. Our sessions are geared towards developing the practical understanding of trainees and organisations to build their long-term capacity, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to make the right decisions for them and their stakeholders and to approach challenges and opportunities head on.

At Levin Sources we pride ourselves in providing highly tailored learning content based on contextual awareness and the needs of the client. We offer a holistic approach to learning and problem solving, combining deep knowledge of social and environmental issues with commercial drivers and governance procedures and frameworks. Our interactive approach balances the transmission of ’need to know’ content with peer-to-peer learning exercises. We aim to transform how our clients understand and interact with the minerals sector so that their operations can serve as a driver for development.

Key services include:

  • Remote and in-person training sessions and workshops
  • Structured ongoing support and guidance
  • Webinars and online training tools

* examples of topics covered: artisanal and small-scale mining production, sourcing and value chains; responsible sourcing; due diligence and risk management; legal and regulatory compliance

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