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Responsible sourcing

What it is

Companies at each stage of mineral supply chains face a broad range of social and environmental risks, that can have legal consequences, negative reputational impacts and that can also negatively affect operations themselves. New mandatory and voluntary legal requirements, customers’ demands, and advocacy groups call for companies to source precious minerals responsibly.

At Levin Sources we bring value to our clients by helping them make their responsible sourcing strategies, part of their overall company’ risk management system.

Broadly speaking, responsible sourcing is:

Doing Right: Ensuring processes comply with or fulfil mandatory and/or voluntary standards that are designed to promote and protect human rights, health and safety, fair remuneration for employees, integrity, and the environment.

Doing Well: Implementing the above laws or standards in a way that increases profit and builds brand value.

We believe companies can pursue sustainable sourcing ambitions and generate positive impacts for society and the environment. We help companies who want to go beyond the mere compliance with laws and standards, and design a longer-term vision of continuity, conservation of resources and empowerment of actors in the supply chain.

Doing Good: Protecting and generating positive impacts for society and the environment

How we help

We use our background in research, processes and procedures design, optimisation and training to promote responsible sourcing practices across a broad spectrum of actors. We provide support to private companies, industry initiatives and public agencies that want to generate supply chain intelligence, be innovative, build resilience and unlock value to realise responsible and sustainable sourcing practices.

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What we offer

Discover our range of responsible sourcing services, delivered by our global team of expert and specialists

Sustainability consulting

We help our clients form the right strategies and objectives to drive sustainability into their mineral operations and supply chains for the long-term and build capacity to enable continuous improvement.

Explore our sustainable supply chain services


We provide independent assessments of governance, risk management and control processes of organisations. This generate the supply chain intelligence our clients need to make informed and responsible sourcing decisions.

Explore our Due diligence & Risk management and Audits & Compliance services


We design and implement Chain of Custody (CoC) procedures that ensure clients’ provenance claims are credible and defensible. We partner with some of the most respectful IT providers to automate the procedures we develop for clients and we help employees in taking full ownership or the new procedures and tools.

Sourcing strategies

We leverage our vast network to facilitate the successful matchmaking of stakeholders (e.g. logistic companies, financiers, suppliers and buyers of minerals) all along mineral supply chains and help them build profitable and mutually-beneficial relationships built on trust and compliance.

ASM relations and sourcing strategies
  • Large-scale Mining (LSM) and ASM relations We work with mining companies, financial institutions and large consultancy firms to facilitate productive engagement with ASM communities, local and national authorities, and governments. Our comprehensive work promotes mutual understanding of the social and economic drivers and dynamics impacting stakeholders across the value chain, so that investors can protect their assets and local communities can get their fair share.
  • ASM sourcing strategies We have developed raw materials sourcing strategies for some of the world’s biggest companies, ensuring they have reliable, responsible and resilient sources of gold, diamonds and coloured gemstones from artisanal and small-scale mines. We have extensive desk and field-based experience in more than 50 countries and field-based expert associates with local governance, community and business practice knowledge of many of the most prolific ASM producer regions.
Research and knowledge management

We are renowned for our excellent research work which makes the best use of our network and available written resources. We leverage our vast research products, multidisciplinary background and facilitation skills to help stakeholders manage information and strategise for the future.

Explore our bespoke research and data analysis services


We work with innovators and change-makers pilot, prove and promote new solutions to better business challenges.

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