Kate MacLeod

Kate MacLeod

Researcher and Project Assistant


Kate is a Researcher and Project Assistant at Levin Sources. She provides capacity and support on a wide range of projects, helping deliver accurate, insightful and timely results to public and private sector clients.

Kate is a highly proficient researcher, with strong skills in qualitative and quantitative research techniques gained through anthropological, legal and social research projects. She is experienced in participatory techniques for stakeholder consultations, data management and communications. She has experience doing research on various minerals including cobalt, lithium and graphite.

Since joining Levin Sources, Kate has worked closely with the team in Cambridge, Singapore and China on projects related to supply chain due diligence, business’ impacts on integrity and the environment, and human rights. Fluent in Mandarin and with specialist knowledge of a range of issues related to contemporary business, labour rights and governance in China, Kate is leading on company strategy for the China market and working on its expansion.

While in China she conducted field research with refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle-East and West Africa and an ethnographic research on the impact of smartphone technology on the lives of internal migrant sex workers.

As member of the GIFF Project, an initiative in partnership with the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, she worked on and implemented the “Follow the Money: Financial Flows linked in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining’ methodology that provides stakeholders with tools to identify, map and address illicit financial flows in their gold supply chain. She recently also worked on a gold value chain analysis for the Philippines and Mongolia, focussing on the policy and legal framework of the countries’ mining sector.

As a member of the due diligence team, Kate developed due diligence tools and worked on the development of a briefing document which provides extra guidance to SMEs on the operationalisation of the OECD due diligence guidance. She was also a key player in the development of consultations with various stakeholders and on the compilation of a full report on risk assessment, reporting tools and chain of custody solutions for companies.

Kate holds a Master’s of Law in International Relations from Peking University, where she studied international politics, Chinese diplomacy and Chinese border security. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, with a focus on China, from the University of Cambridge. Her Master’s thesis was written and assessed entirely in Chinese.

Kate works in English and Mandarin. She is based at Levin Sources, Cambridge.

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